Wine Sensitive All Natural

For those sensitive to wine, one glass can result in symptoms ranging from low-grade headache to a number of other allergic reactions.  Wine Sensitive tm will dramatically reduce such side effects. Place one sachet in any bottle of wine and allow it to “breathe” for five minutes.  The wine is now ready to enjoy!

Studies have indicated that a daily glass of red wine may reduce your chances of developing such conditions as heart disease, high cholesterol and some forms of cancer.  Recent studies from Italy have also suggested that this same glass of wine may help prevent conditions including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.*

Discounts available with purchase of five or more packets – FREE shipping on orders over $250!

18 Wine Sensitive Sachets in each packet

1 Packet $12.00 

5 Packets $55.00

10 Packets $105.00

25 Packets $250.00


Shipping & Freight
Orders shipped UPS Ground unless expedited shipping is requested. Estimated shipping, three to five business days. Will ship collect if requested.
Terms & Discounts
Net 30 Day- 2% 10 days
Return Policy
Wine Sensitive does not issue refunds. Exchange only on unopened and undamaged product.
Cancellation Policy
Wine Sensitive will accept cancellations on purchase orders that have not yet been shipped. Shipping charges will apply if PO has been processed and shipped.

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