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End of useful (?) wine facts

And the end of useful (?) wine facts Begin meals with the lighter wines and move toward the heavier ones. White is served ahead of red, younger ahead of older and dry before sweet. Have you ever heard of dumb and numb wines? Dumb means that wine has a lack of odor but may develop it [...]

More wine facts

As promised, here are more tasty, aromatic facts that you probably never knew about wine. The major difference between red and white wines is the fermentation. Red wines ferment while extracting color from grape skins. White wines have no skins present at fermentation. Scientific evidence increasingly suggests that moderate wine drinking can reduce the risk of [...]

Fun facts about wine

Things you never knew about wine If you have been drinking wine for some time, it’s likely that you think of yourself as a wine expert or at least, a savvy wine drinker. Here are some fun facts about wine that may be news to you.   Hippocrates (460 – 370 BCE) frequently used wine to [...]

A little wine quiz

Because you’re here on the Wine Sensitive site, it’s a good bet that you are somewhat familiar with diverse types of wines and the grapes that create them. Just for fun, let’s see how much you know.   What’s the name of a wine that originates in Alsace and Eastern USA? It ranges from slightly to [...]

Name that state

The studio audience nervously chattered as the time clock quickly ticked and ticked. Mary looked over at her opponent and then at the master of ceremonies. “Okay, contestants,” he said. “It’s time for the final round of ‘Name that State.’ Mary, for all the money and a special bonus gift, what is the name of the [...]

Discovering wine

The date is October 30, 1849 and the site is the unsettled territory that would eventually be called California. Numerous gold diggers are sitting around the fire, cooking up their supper and discussing the day’s accomplishments. “I reckon that pretty soon we’ll have enough gold to build this here town and have a place to raise [...]

Why am I sensitive to red wine?

While we don’t suggest that you practice medicine unless you’re licensed to do so, it might be interesting to know why you have an allergic reaction to red wine. The reactions differ widely, ranging from feeling warm to stuffiness to more serious reactions. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, causing a reaction in some people. Tannins are [...]

Think you’re too old for allergies?

If you think that you’re too old for allergies, you’ll want to reconsider. The reality is that some allergies do not appear until we’re older. They are capable of showing up at any time and can affect a variety of places in your body. For instance, we may believe that our noses and sinuses are the [...]

Fun with allergies

Allergies and fun? Are you kidding? While few of us would place allergies and fun in the same category or sentence, your allergy issues with wine are probably over now that you’ve found Wine Sensitive. There’s a great deal of interesting if not provocative information out there about natural cures for all sorts of allergies and [...]


The survivors rubbed their eyes and discovered that they were safe but on the coast of a deserted island. No other islands were in sight, their communications devices were nowhere to be found and they looked expectantly at each other, hoping for good news or revelations. “There are hundreds of trees and plants here, many of [...]