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Different things to do with wine

We all know that drinking wine is the most logical and gratifying thing to do with wine. But in the event that you have leftover wine or want to find the most desirable uses for your wine, check out this list: Fabric dye – boil clothes in it Skin softener Frozen cubes of flavor Clean fruits [...]


Now that we have Wine Sensitive

If you’re visiting this site, it’s a good bet that you are enjoying the indescribable benefits of being able to drink red wine in spite of your allergy. Now it’s time to relax a bit and consider some extraordinary inventions that you would like to create or wish that you had created. Recently I paid a [...]


More wine facts

As promised, here are more tasty, aromatic facts that you probably never knew about wine. The major difference between red and white wines is the fermentation. Red wines ferment while extracting color from grape skins. White wines have no skins present at fermentation. Scientific evidence increasingly suggests that moderate wine drinking can reduce the risk of [...]

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