Things you never knew about wine

If you have been drinking wine for some time, it’s likely that you think of yourself as a wine expert or at least, a savvy wine drinker. Here are some fun facts about wine that may be news to you.


Hippocrates (460 – 370 BCE) frequently used wine to lower fevers and as an antiseptic. He is often considered the “father of medicine.”


Ever wonder why wine tasters swirl their wine? It’s done to release aromas. These are smart people, so they never fill their glasses so full that they will spill it while swirling.


There is no traditional guilt associated with wine. It’s free of cholesterol and fat!


Why do we store wine horizontally instead of vertically? It’s important to keep the cork wet so it doesn’t break down and drop into your wine.


While we who read this love wine, those who have a fear of wine have “oenophobia.”


If you would like to turn your wine tastings into something profitable, check out Africa. They have found a way to use the tastings to dig wells.


Young wine has an aroma while more mature wine has a bouquet.


If you stay awake for 17 hours, your performance is impeded to the equivalent of two glasses of wine.


The only Old Testament book with no reference to wine is the Book of Jonah.


The United States with the highest wine consumption are California, New York and Florida.


The fourth largest wine producer in the world is California. It’s followed by France, Italy and Spain.


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