If you’re visiting this site, it’s a good bet that you are enjoying the indescribable benefits of being able to drink red wine in spite of your allergy. Now it’s time to relax a bit and consider some extraordinary inventions that you would like to create or wish that you had created.

Recently I paid a visit to a restaurant called “The Fish” and was amused to find that they used water pitchers that were shaped like fish. It allows the mind to wander to restaurants named after motorcycles, aphids and weimaraners. As a side note of interest, this ingenious eating venue also used a device that was a combination disinfectant spray/paper towel dispenser. The efficiency of it is obvious – you spray the area in need of cleaning and roll off the paper towels with the same movement.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a type of electronic zapping device that would temporarily disable the phones of people in a movie theatre who are texting or looking at their screens for other reasons. We have all been annoyed by these inconsiderate beasts. We wouldn’t permanently damage the phones but make them unusable until the movies are over.

There’s another one on the list for women travelers. This one is far beyond the normal range of humanly-possible inventions but consists of invisible travelers’ aides who could be summoned as needed. This aide would carry your carry-on bag, no matter the size, from the car, through the airport and into your plane. Because he or she is invisible there are no security checks. When you get on the plane, the assistant would put the bag in the overhead compartment and remove it when you arrive at your destination. You have absolutely no need to touch your luggage.

Finally, imagine a completely automated vacuum cleaner. This one is above and beyond the robotic ones that slide across your floor and clean somewhat uncomplicated areas. This one does it all. It climbs stairs, cleans every type of flooring or carpet and when it’s all finished, it obediently stops at your trash can so you can empty it.

When you dream, dream big! It doesn’t cost anything, doesn’t hurt anyone and is generally a means to appreciate help when you get it and remarkable inventions that have already been made available.