We all know that drinking wine is the most logical and gratifying thing to do with wine. But in the event that you have leftover wine or want to find the most desirable uses for your wine, check out this list:

Fabric dye – boil clothes in it

Skin softener

Frozen cubes of flavor

Clean fruits and vegetables

Kitchen disinfectant

Glass cleaner

Fruit fly trap

Remove grease stains

Heal bruises

Use wine to clean wine – white wine will clean red wine stains

Help your heart – numerous reports that red wine is critical to heart health

Meat marinade

Turn into jelly

Relieve dyspepsia

Make red wine reduction

Boost brainpower

Improve health in space

Slow the aging process

Convert to vinegar

At home facial

Swapping for heavy sauces or oil

Activate bacteria in compost to turn it into fertilizer

Steam mussels

Make a wine smoothie – mix with fruit

Paint with it – reduce wine for 10-12 minutes and let cool. Now paint.

Poach eggs – substitute two-parts broth, one-part wine

Wine footbath – give your feet a treat

Clean counters – alcohol will kill counter germs