Puce stood outside the Receptacle Store, flash of magic concoction in his hand. He had worked long and hard on this grape beverage, trying different grape ages and combinations. Finally, he had a drink that was tasty, unique and flavorful. But he knew that he couldn’t distribute or sell it in leather pouches.

For one, leather was hard to find. Cows and bulls were plentiful, but no-one was willing to sacrifice one of the creatures to store this new libation. And Puce had no idea what the long-term effects of leather on his drink would be. It was time to identify a better vessel that was worthy of his invention.

Entering the Receptacle Store, Puce saw a variety of containers that might be suitable. A gourd might work but it had nothing to seal the top. The same was true of the various fruits and vegetables that had been sculpted or arranged for storage. Nothing seemed quite appropriate and he began to complain to the store manager.

“Whine, whine, whine! That’s all you’ve done since entering my store,” said the shop owner. “If you don’t see what you want, there’s the flap to leave.”

As if shot by a bullet, Puce realized that he had a new title for his product. He would call it wine! The word was short, easy to spell and could be used for his white and red wine varieties. With that realization, Puce noticed a long, delicate container on the store shelf. He asked the store owner what the device was called.

“It’s a bottle,” replied the shopkeeper. “When it’s filled, you seal it with this cork and whatever is inside is secure until you remove the cork.”

“I’ll take it!” exclaimed Puce. “It will be perfect when buyers have allergies or wine sensitivity so they can remove the cork, add their Wine Sensitive and begin to enjoy.

And so, it began, centuries of wine enjoyment and freedom from the symptoms of allergy to red wine. While no-one will remember Puce’s name, we will always be grateful for his inventions.