Scene one – Before Wine Sensitive

Clara: Dear Clyde – It’s so wonderful to be just the two of us, alone at last. Let’s have a glass of this delicious red wine to celebrate our reunion.

Clyde: Dearest Clara – Your beautiful blue eyes are shining so brightly that I can tell that there is love in your heart.

Clara: Let me open the bottle. Hachoo! Hachoo! Hachoo! [Clara begins to scratch her arms and legs.]

Clyde: Clara – your beautiful eyes are suddenly sad. You look as if you suddenly caught a terrible head cold.

Clara: I don’t understand. I was feeling perfect until I sampled this bottle of wine. And now I itch all over and have a horrible headache.


Scene two – After Wine Sensitive

Clara:  Dearest Clyde, at last we have our glorious moments alone together. Because we have Wine Sensitive, we can enjoy our time without my awful allergic reactions.

Clyde: My wonderful, sweet Clara – I am so grateful that we have Wine Sensitive. We will never need to worry about you having those horrible reaction ever again. Our lives will be rich, happy and fulfilled for all time.

Clara:  Sigh.

Clyde:  Sigh.

****Romantic music****