The studio audience nervously chattered as the time clock quickly ticked and ticked. Mary looked over at her opponent and then at the master of ceremonies.

“Okay, contestants,” he said. “It’s time for the final round of ‘Name that State.’ Mary, for all the money and a special bonus gift, what is the name of the state where our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, was born.

Mary paused for a moment. She knew that Illinois is called “Land of Lincoln.” But she also knew that Lincoln moved there after his childhood.

“Kentucky!” she exclaimed.

“That’s right! Congratulations, Mary! You have won our grand prize of $36,487 and our special gift. You have also won twenty-eight cases of ‘Red Fine Wine,” a product of our very own Fresno valley wine country.”

Mary jumped up and down (as directed) and realized that with her long-standing wine sensitivity, she would never be able to enjoy her gift.

Sadly, she checked out with the studio and drove her station wagon to the loading dock. They loaded the cases into her car and as Mary turned her head, she saw an elfin-looking creature standing next to her car.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I am the Wine Sensitive elf,” he replied. “We know that you have allergies to red wine, so we brought you this It’s called Wine Sensitive and all you do is open a packet, dump it into an open bottle of red wine and, voila! Your allergies are gone.

Mary heaved a great sigh of relief. But after placing the Wine Sensitive packets in her car, she turned, and the elf was gone.

Later that night, Mary enjoyed her first bottle of “Fine Red Wine,” and had no allergic reactions. “Thank goodness for that elf and Wine Sensitive,” she thought. Mary enjoyed her wine, her cash award and lived happily ever after.