The date is October 30, 1849 and the site is the unsettled territory that would eventually be called California. Numerous gold diggers are sitting around the fire, cooking up their supper and discussing the day’s accomplishments.

“I reckon that pretty soon we’ll have enough gold to build this here town and have a place to raise our young ‘uns,” said one of the miners.

“Yep, that sure do sound like a good idear,” said another.

“Looky here at what I found today,” said a third miner, holding up a bunch of red grapes that were plump and juicy looking. “Maybe we could squash these here grapes and see what kind of fire water we can make.”

The other miners agreed that this sounded like a great idea. They found a big tub, took off their boots, cleaned their feet and began stomping around in the lush red grapes that they had discovered.

Soon the new discovery was put in a bottle and was ready for tasting. As soon as it was passed to one of the miners, Grady Goldigger, he began to sneeze, and his eyes started to water. “Guess this here stuff ain’t no good for me,” he observed.

“Wait a second,” said Barney Bluffnomore. “Try this.”

With that, he opened a packet of Wine Sensitive and dumped it into the jug. They waited a few minutes and passed the jug back to Grady. He took a big swig, smiled his biggest smile and they knew that they had a perfect solution.

And so the wine production of California began, complete with fresh grapes, homemade red wine and the Wine Sensitive for those who needed it most.