And the end of useful (?) wine facts

Begin meals with the lighter wines and move toward the heavier ones. White is served ahead of red, younger ahead of older and dry before sweet.

Have you ever heard of dumb and numb wines? Dumb means that wine has a lack of odor but may develop it in the future; numb will never have an odor.

Smelling a cork does not tell you anything about a wine. Look for the date and other identifiers.

Women are more susceptible to wine than men because they have fewer enzymes to metabolize the alcohol.

A ton of grapes makes 720 bottles or approximately 60 cases of wine. Each bottle contains almost three pounds of grapes.

Grapes are the number one fruit crop throughout the world.

The book of Jonah is the only book in the Old Testament without reference to wine.

The oldest discovered bottle of wine goes back to 325 AD and was found in a sarcophagus in Germany.

Greece is the only country that adds tree resin to its wine. This gives the wine a unique, sappy taste. Those who are not Greek suggest that this is an acquired taste and this type of wine should be served cold.

Italy has a free, 24-hour wine fountain. Let’s book a trip!

Now you know 320% more than anyone around you about wine. And remember not to allow an allergy to red wine slow you down. Open your bottle of wine, add the packet of Wine Sensitive, wait about fifteen minutes and enjoy!