If you’re visiting this site, it’s a good possibility that you have a sensitivity to wine and have discovered Wine Sensitive, the easy and uncomplicated solution to your red wine allergies. While this sensitivity is relatively common, there are other allergies out there with which you may not be as familiar.

Here are some of the strange or less common allergies that are out there. Depending on your lifestyle, food preferences and other habits, they could cause difficulties, large or small.

Nickel/jewelry – You might want to think about saving only pennies, dimes and quarters.

Wool – Maybe you should think about a climate that stays warm.

Flea market furniture – dust mites – New furniture only?

Laundry detergent and dryer sheets – This one is tough. There are probably some hypoallergenic products out there or you can find a stream with some large rocks.

Raw produce and nuts – This one is a bit more common. But not to eat fresh strawberries? Awful.

Cosmetics and skin care products – Time to go au naturel.

Household cleaners – Again, hypoallergenic is necessary.

Books (dust layers) – Maybe if you delete the dust you’ll be okay.

Stuffed animals – Time to get rid of Teddy.

Sunlight – Stay inside or find a bulletproof sunscreen.

Fish smell – Does anyone really like the smell of fish?

Wood – This is tough. Stay out of forests?

Vibration – Hard to make much sense of this. Maybe you’ll have to stay away from electric toothbrushes.

You might not be surprised to see what we might call the most unusual of unusual allergies. These include allergies to water (aquagenic urticaria), exercise and other humans.

Unless you live on an isolated desert island and can use sand to clean you, these last three might be pretty serious issues. For now, enjoy the fact that you have an easily correctable allergy to red wine and enjoy the comforts provided by your Wine Sensitive!