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Just imagine

Don’t you wish you were a brilliant scientist with extraordinary skills? Let your mind wander a moment and imagine inventing something as remarkable as Wine Sensitive that functions in other contexts. For example, those of you with cat allergies could use something called Kitty Sensitive. Open a packet and dump it into a bowl of Fluffy [...]


Ten things you didn’t know about wine

Why is wine called wine? Wine traces its origin to many sources. The Old English word was “win,” a word that goes back to Old High German, Old Norse, Dutch and eventually, to the Latin “vinum. Other cultures join in the word construction, including the Greek, Armenian, Hittite, Hebrew, Welsh and Irish. Sounds like a bunch [...]


Why are you tampering with my wine, cowboy?

Doctors and researchers are saying that wine, especially red wine, is good for your heart. Those who drink red wine can verify that it relaxes you. It improves your dining experience. It soothes you after a tough day on the ranch (or office or classroom or anywhere else). That's why I want to know why you [...]

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