Don’t you wish you were a brilliant scientist with extraordinary skills? Let your mind wander a moment and imagine inventing something as remarkable as Wine Sensitive that functions in other contexts.

For example, those of you with cat allergies could use something called Kitty Sensitive. Open a packet and dump it into a bowl of Fluffy or Cosgrove’s food. Your sneezing, headaches and hives would disappear!

Or how about Dirt Sensitive? Sprinkle a packet in your living room, dining area or both. All of a sudden, your cleaning drudgery is gone! Dirt and Dirt Sensitive can’t coexist, so the dirt vanishes, completely and immediately.

Last but not least, how about Auto Sensitive? Sprinkle it all over your car and head out on the highway. Just watch how other cars avoid you, stop tailgating and allow you to pass them without resistance. It’s almost as if you’re invisible to traffic – you’ve eliminated resistance, reluctance and road rage.

Regrettably, out of all these miracle products, only Wine Sensitive is available at this point. But if you’ve suffered from problems with wine, this should suffice and make life much more comfortable and enjoyable. Rejoice!