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Why am I sensitive to red wine?

While we don’t suggest that you practice medicine unless you’re licensed to do so, it might be interesting to know why you have an allergic reaction to red wine. The reactions differ widely, ranging from feeling warm to stuffiness to more serious reactions. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, causing a reaction in some people. Tannins are [...]


Think you’re too old for allergies?

If you think that you’re too old for allergies, you’ll want to reconsider. The reality is that some allergies do not appear until we’re older. They are capable of showing up at any time and can affect a variety of places in your body. For instance, we may believe that our noses and sinuses are the [...]


The miracle of science

Three mad scientists were sitting around in the lab one day, trying to decide what to do. “Let’s figure out a way to change the earth’s revolution. We’ve been revolving the same way forever. It’s time to change it. Some people might enjoy it.” “No, it’s too complicated,” they agreed. “And it probably costs too much.” [...]


Wine crime

It was an ordinary day. Mom and Dad went off to work, Bobby and Susie were safely at school. They lived a quiet, peaceful life in Smalltown, USA.  But this was not to be a day like any other. Burglar entered the home, seeking treasure. Everything upstairs was secure, locked in a safe. This was not [...]


Wilma’s Woes

Wilma was so very tired of being single and spending so much free time by herself. She had tried everything – singles bars, church clubs, blind dates from friend recommendations – all with no success. One day, a well-intentioned friend suggested that she try online dating. Although Wilma had a reputation for being a very poor [...]



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