Ugwan and Thorg were a happy cave couple who lived many centuries ago in their cozy little cave for two. One evening they decided to celebrate the birth of their new cave cub, Zark, by opening a bottle of their favorite wine.

Thorg checked the vintage, removed the pebble-cork and began to let the wine breathe. Ugwan immediately began to sneeze violently, develop a huge headache and generally feel uncivilized. Thorg whacked her over the head with his club and they all fell asleep. The wine remained untouched and Thorg eventually used it to wash Rex, the dinosaur.

Now it’s several months later. Ugwan, Thorg and Zark are quietly enjoying dinner in front of their pit when Rex begins furiously banging on the cave door. In his mouth is a box of Wine Sensitive packets.

“What’s this?” asks Thorg.

“No idea,” replies Ugwan.

They read the instructions, opened a bottle of wine and poured a packet into the bottle. Ugwan showed no reaction as she had done before. Thorg poured two stone goblets of the drink. They enjoyed a romantic evening complete with wine, iguana and aloe stems.

It was a happy ending, thanks to Wine Sensitive. Magically, Rex continued to order the Wine Sensitive online and life in the cave dwelling was never rocky again.