We know that you’re no stranger to red wine. You’ve been drinking it for a while, probably as long as you’ve been drinking any other alcoholic beverage. Whether you know some of the details about your wine or not, your habit is probably to open the bottle, deposit your packet of Wine Sensitive, wait five minutes and drink. Right?

You may want to think again about underestimating the numerous components in red wine’s credentials. For example, did you know that you can recycle your wine by using in your compost? The wine will activate the bacteria in compost, making your compost more effective when you add it to your garden.

Did you ever have a situation where you wanted to dye fabric to a shade of red? Use your red wine as a dye by heating it on your stove. Add your fabric and depending on the wine and how long you leave the fabric in the wine, you could have a wide variety of results.

If by some accident you encounter a red wine that’s not your favorite or has been around too long to be flavorful, use it to clean your fruits and veggies. All of the surface impurities and other bad guys such as salmonella will be killed by the wine components.

For the same bacteria-killing benefits, you can also use wine to clean counter tops and other kitchen surfaces. Admittedly, white wine will be a better choice in this circumstance because it won’t leave a residue on your counter top. Be certain not to use this on granite because of wine’s acidic properties.

Apply some wine to your skin for softening benefits. Some folks use it as a toner while others pour it into bath water. In some places, red wine is used for spa facials.

Did you know that you could use your red wine to trap flies? They love the smell of red wine – can you blame them? Put a small amount of wine in a glass, cover it with plastic wrap and make holes in the wrap. Voila! They dive into the glass to feast on the wine and can’t escape.

Finally, pour some wine into an ice tray. When you need some red wine flavor for roasts, soup, waking up your lemonade or other cooking events, you have it available.