Three mad scientists were sitting around in the lab one day, trying to decide what to do.

“Let’s figure out a way to change the earth’s revolution. We’ve been revolving the same way forever. It’s time to change it. Some people might enjoy it.”

“No, it’s too complicated,” they agreed. “And it probably costs too much.”

“How about devising a way to grow plastic from seed? We could start a new form of agriculture, help the farms and reduce dependency on the oil industry.”

“No,” they groused. “Too much pressure from lobbyists and foreign companies.”

“Well,” said the third scientist. “How about creating a compound to eliminate allergic reactions to red wine?”

They thought and thought and mulled and mulled (without the wine) and decided to proceed with the project.

After great concentration and experimentation, Wine Sensitive was a reality. When you open a bottle of red wine, deposit a packet of Wine Sensitive and wait fifteen minutes, your allergic reactions are gone.

The three scientists are back at work, arguing about their next effort. Rumor is that they are planning research into self-changing baby diapers and chocolate-flavored beets. We wish them luck.