The survivors rubbed their eyes and discovered that they were safe but on the coast of a deserted island. No other islands were in sight, their communications devices were nowhere to be found and they looked expectantly at each other, hoping for good news or revelations.

“There are hundreds of trees and plants here, many of which have fruit,” observed one of the survivors.

“That’s a good thing,” the others agreed.

“I see a Starbuck on the end of this beach,” said another survivor.

“That’s also a good observation,” responded a young blonde, obviously in need of caffeine.

“But here’s the best news of all,” exclaimed one young man, fifty feet away from the rest of the group. “I see several cases of red wine. They are washing up on the shore as we speak.”

“Doesn’t do me any good,” moaned Rose, an older lady. “I have a wine allergy that makes me sneeze and causes my eyes to water.”

The shipwrecked started to make a camp and take care of their immediate needs. They gathered fruit, built a fire and began to discuss their best means for survival. Because they didn’t have any cash, the Starbuck’s wasn’t going to be of much use. They looked expectantly at the cartons of wine, realizing that survival would be made much more pleasant because of it having been identified.

All of a sudden, in a cloud of smoke, a large figure with a giant WS on his chest appeared on the beach.

“Who are you?” they asked.

“No matter – I’m here to see Rose. Where is she?” asked the WS man.

“Here I am,” said Rose. “What can I do for you?”

“Here is your Wine Sensitive,” said the mystery man. “Just deposit a packet in your bottle of red wine and, poof! Allergies disappear.”

Rose grabbed the packet and added it to the bottle of wine that was beside her. She waited fifteen minutes, then enjoyed the red wine she had missed for so long.

“Look, Rose! There’s a cruise ship headed our way. We’re saved!!!” The crowd jumped up and down to attract the ship.

“Just send an Uber for me when you get to civilization. I’ve got enough papayas and red wine until then.” Rose smiled happily, grabbing the next bottle of red wine.