It was an ordinary day. Mom and Dad went off to work, Bobby and Susie were safely at school. They lived a quiet, peaceful life in Smalltown, USA.  But this was not to be a day like any other.

Burglar entered the home, seeking treasure. Everything upstairs was secure, locked in a safe. This was not a burglar with advanced skills, so he passed on the safe. Computers were all missing, indicating that the residents had taken all of their technology with them.

Going through the drawers in the family room furniture, Burglar finds Wine Sensitive. He reads the package instructions and thinks – Oh, a solution to a problem I’ve had forever. Red wine has always been my undoing. Every time I try to indulge in red wine, I start sneezing and displaying allergic reactions.

And soon, Burglar finds the corkscrew, opens bottle after bottle, depositing Wine Sensitive into each. He drinks himself into oblivion, free of allergic side effects but victim to alcohol overdose.

Mom, Dad, Bobby and Susie return home, startled to find Burglar passed out on their family room floor. They call the police who take Burglar away, still in a drunken state.

They looked at each other and reached the same, sad conclusion: Wine crime does not pay.