Allergies and fun? Are you kidding? While few of us would place allergies and fun in the same category or sentence, your allergy issues with wine are probably over now that you’ve found Wine Sensitive.

There’s a great deal of interesting if not provocative information out there about natural cures for all sorts of allergies and conditions. For example, Native Americans have extensive lists of natural solutions for a variety of conditions. If you have access to cotton, Native Americans have chewed their roots, leaves and seeds for treating many conditions. If echinacea is in your world, chew the roots, dry them in tea or pulverize them for external use.

Or maybe you have access to some evening primrose. Use this tasty treat for food and in medicinal remedies for external and internal ailments. Native Americans have also used sarsaparilla for numerous medicinal remedies. If you can get your hands on some western skunk cabbage, feel good about using it as a topical medicine.

If we move to India, we can find some other interesting natural remedies for allergies. Apple cider vinegar is widely used for acute allergy attacks and has preventive qualities. They also suggest that you use steam with Eucalyptus oil for your allergies as well as eating onion and garlic and drinking lukewarm lime water.

Finally, the Indians of India recommend Neti pots, small containers that will clear your sinuses when you pour Neti contents in your nose. The solution is salted lukewarm water and although this sounds uncomfortable, you’ll need to judge its effectiveness on your own. If this doesn’t work, they also recommend putting some turmeric in warm milk and drinking that.

Wine Sensitive is quite a bit easier to find and use. Let us know your experiences, questions and comments. We are eager to hear from you!