If you think that you’re too old for allergies, you’ll want to reconsider. The reality is that some allergies do not appear until we’re older. They are capable of showing up at any time and can affect a variety of places in your body.

For instance, we may believe that our noses and sinuses are the only parts of our bodies that are subject to adult allergies. Experts advise that food allergies can affect our digestive systems as well as our skin, lungs and occasionally, the entire body. Our circulatory systems are quite effective in transmitting allergic reactions throughout the body through the blood.

Most of us know someone who is allergic to cats. Very often, this allergy doesn’t manifest itself until adulthood. The process is as uncomplicated as reacting to a strong allergen such as cat dander and you are now allergic to Fluffy.

Very often, allergies are a result of genetics. That doesn’t necessarily mean that if Mom was allergic to shellfish, you will be too. It’s also possible for kids to outgrow allergies and enjoy adulthood without the symptoms they exhibited when they were children.

There are other factors involved such as moving to a different climate, hormonal changes in women and the extreme difficulty of diagnosing allergies.  Beware of one-size-fits-all allergy cures or diagnoses. Most of the time, they will be inaccurate or incomplete.

Happily, if you or your medical team have determined that you have wine sensitivity, you’re in the right place. One packet, ten or twenty minutes and you’re free of your usual allergic reaction to red wine. Please let us know the outcomes and stop by to visit us when you have a chance. Thank you!