While we don’t suggest that you practice medicine unless you’re licensed to do so, it might be interesting to know why you have an allergic reaction to red wine. The reactions differ widely, ranging from feeling warm to stuffiness to more serious reactions.

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, causing a reaction in some people. Tannins are also found in red wine and often generate an allergic response. Then you have the histamines that are known to exacerbate asthma and eczema. These are also the reasons for allergies to chocolate, sourdough bread, sauerkraut and some cheeses.

If this weren’t enough, red wine also includes tyramines that construct blood vessels. Once again, you can find these in cheese, yogurt, beer and chocolate, among others. Diabetics can also react to the residual sugar that comes as a result of sugar fermentation. Sulfites occur in wine as a result of fermentation and some of us are allergic to them as well.

Do yourself a huge favor and consult with a medical professional before reacting to your reactions. You may be experiencing symptoms for which there are numerous explanations and it’s never a good idea to guess or rely on hearsay.

Celebrate the fact that you can enjoy your red wine without allergic reaction if none of these are a problem for you. But for those cases where your red wine results in sneezing, difficulty breathing or other sinus reactions, Wine Sensitive is your best friend. Open a bottle of your favorite, add a packet of Wine Sensitive and wait fifteen minutes. You’ll be happy to resume enjoying one of your favorite indulgences.