Wilma was so very tired of being single and spending so much free time by herself. She had tried everything – singles bars, church clubs, blind dates from friend recommendations – all with no success. One day, a well-intentioned friend suggested that she try online dating.

Although Wilma had a reputation for being a very poor speller, she carefully constructed a profile. She used a spelling checker to make certain that she didn’t create any serious spelling errors, causing a prospective boyfriend to believe that she was illiterate or uneducated.

After registering with one of the most popular online dating sites, she began to wait. Wilma waited and waited, then she continued to wait. She had no expressions of interest, no inquiries and no dates.

Finally, after months of desperation, Wilma asked her friend Wanda to take a look at her profile. Wanda spent considerable time reviewing the profile, then gave Wanda a call.

“Wanda, why did you say that you were Whine Sensitive?” she asked.

“Because I am,” replied Wanda. “Whenever I drink red wine, I begin sneezing and feeling congested.”

“There’s the answer,” said Wanda. “You are Wine Sensitive –  spelled W-I-N-E. There’s a solution to your sensitivity. Just take a packet of Wine Sensitive, pour it into your open bottle of red wine and you’re good to go. And change the spelling on your profile from WHINE to WINE. Better yet, delete the sensitivity thing altogether.”

Wilma was delighted to follow Wanda’s suggestion. She removed the piece about sensitivity and the contacts began occurring. It was only a matter of days and Wilma was sharing her favorite red wine with Wilbur, the man of her dreams.